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Japan , Tuesday 23 January 2018

News Japan » Traffic: Japan’s MiddleField secures $2.2M to drive customer traffic to autoparts makers, shops

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Publication date: Friday 12 January 2018

See the original story in Japanese. Tokyo-based MiddleField, operating the auto parts database website Garage, announced back in December that it had raised 250 million yen ($2.2 million) from Femto Growth Fund 2.0. The detail of the investment including ...

News Japan » Traffic: Ferocious gale lashes Europe, leaves at least seven dead and traffic chaos

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Publication date: hursday 18 January 2018

In Lippstadt, in western Germany, a driver died when he lost control of his van in strong winds and drove into oncoming traffic. In German’s eastern state of Brandenburg, police said a gust of wind flipped a truck over a highway, killing the driver.

News Japan » Traffic: Snowstorm in Tokyo disrupts road, rail and air transport

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Publication date: Sunday 21 January 2018

Train services were curtailed and some highways were closed, as icy roads were causing traffic accidents. Around 250 flights from Tokyo’s Haneda airport were cancelled. A looming low pressure system and cold front just off the coast of the Japanese main ...

News Japan » Traffic: Strange reason for surge in porn traffic

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Publication date: Wednesday 17 January 2018

"By 8.23am, traffic was a massive -77 per cent below that of a typical ... The US, United Kingdom, India, Japan, Canada, France and Germany led the charge. The Outdoor category was 24 per cent more popular in Australia than in other nations, while the ...

News Japan » Traffic: As Cars Gain Autonomy, Traffic Deaths Hit 69-Year Low in Japan

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Publication date: Wednesday 03 January 2018

TOKYO—As Japan embraces autonomous-driving technologies with more cars able to brake for themselves or warn drivers of impending collisions, traffic deaths have fallen to record lows. Fatalities fell more than 5% to 3,694 in 2017, the lowest since 1948 ...

News Japan » Traffic: TRAFFIC Study: Japan’s ivory market must close

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Publication date: uesday 19 December 2017

Well-organized transnational criminal networks and a poorly regulated domestic market are among the factors making Japan a lucrative target for procuring ivory products for illegal export. In the continued absence of effective regulation and law ...

News Japan » Traffic: Tsunami warning canceled after magnitude 7.9 Alaska quake offshore

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Publication date: uesday 23 January 2018

Officials in Japan say there is no tsunami threat there ... He said police officers were directing traffic and the parking lot at the school was filling up. He said he saw some people carrying suitcases or backpacks. Perkins said he didn't bring anything ...

News Japan » Traffic: Traffic Congestion Hits Peak as Japan Enters Obon Season

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Publication date: Wednesday 13 August 2014

Fireworks, the sound of cicadas and shaved ice desserts are some of the seasonal traditions this time of the year in Japan. But summer isn’t quite complete without the news of dreadful traffic congestion that takes place during the country’s Obon ...

News Japan » Traffic: Traffic deaths are surging in Japan because of all the seniors behind the wheel

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Publication date: uesday 25 July 2017

As people age, they tend to lose sharpness when it comes to reaction time, spatial awareness, and vision. In Japan, where the elderly population has been swelling for the past two decades, that shift has led to an alarming trend on the road. Recent data ...